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The total area of the complex

The total area of exhibition halls 28018m2

The total car-places 2500


International Exhibition Centre – modern world-class complex for organization of superior exhibition forums, congresses, presentations and artistic shows.
It is the biggest expo building in Ukraine constituting of an architectural ensemble of three premium-class pavilions with 58 000 square meters total space.

  • Exhibition area:
    1st exhibition hall: 10 564 sq. m.,
    2nd exhibition hall   6 600 sq. m.,
    3rd exhibition hall: 10 854 sq. m.;
  • Sixteen entrance groups and fifteen groups for transport (to deliver large dimension cargoes directly to pavilions);
  • Headway height (from the floor up to frame works) from 14 to 25 m with sideway height from 8 to 9,5 m.;
  • Voltage supply of 220 V and 380 V;
  • Up-to-date ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • Vast storage facilities, elevators and loading transport access capability;
  • Post, telephone, Internet, service centre, banking services;
  • Premises for valuables and arms keeping;
  • Banks;
  • 15 Conference rooms, press center;
  • Restaurants, cafe, snack bars, shops;
  • Offices, cloak rooms, lavatories;
  • Parking lot;
  • Convenient road interchange;
  • Immediate proximity to hotels: Bratislava, Bakkara art-hotel, Tourist, Slavutitch, Salute, Kyiv, The Natsionalny Hotel, Khreschatik, Rus.