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Accreditation of mass media at the events are held at the territory of the International Exhibition Center


1. Mass media representatives’ accreditation is obligatory at all events are held in the International Exhibition Center irrespective of the type and status of the event.

2. To be accredited at the events organized by “International Exhibition Center” Ltd. it is necessary to submit application to the Press Service of the IEC by phone or fax +38 044 201-11-74 or by e-mail: The application should be submitted by 4 p.m. at the eve of the event and should contain: name of mass media (for TV channels there should also be name of the program and editorial office); name of journalist; contact information.

Rules of accreditation could be amended depending on program and topics of the event. The information about all amendments will be announced by Press Service in advance.

3. Mass media accreditation for the events hold by other organizers will be conducted by the appropriate departments of those companies, and, under their authorization, by the IEC Press Service in accordance with the rules stipulated by the announces made by organizers of events.

4. Advertising departments and advertising divisions of mass media will not be accredited at the events. Their work at the IEC territory will be stipulated separately in each case by the IEC authorities or by organizers of the event.

5. In case of infringement of accreditations rules, rules of behavior at the event set by organizers and safety rules mass media representatives could not be allowed to enter the IEC territory.