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OSCE General Secretary has admitted high level of conducting 20th OSCE Ministerial Council


Dec 6th the 20th OSCE Ministerial Council took place in International Exhibition Center.  

56 OSCE state-participant delegations, the European Union and 11 cooperative partner countries, high-level representatives of international organizations attended the meeting. Press says that this meeting was culmination of Ukrainian Chairmanship of the OSCE and the biggest international event of the intergovernmental character of the territory of Ukraine since its independency.

To ensure its success in the pavilions of the IEC specially equipped rooms were constructed for the plenary sessions and discussions in various areas of international business; rooms for executives, secretariat, all institutions and OSCE working groups, offices for delegations of member countries, countries - partners and international organizations, comgort zones, restaurants, etc. Separate huge press area was built for all media representatives with special rooms for briefings and final press conference , work space area for journalists with modern communications , computers, spots for personal device connection and free internet access, as well as all necessary office equipment . The total area with all rooms and work areas was about 30 square meters (See photo by the link)

For the high level of the OSCE Ministerial Council preparation and organization OSCE General Secretary Lamberto Zannier expressed his personal gratitude to Anatoliy Tkachenko, General Director of International Exhibition Centre and presented a special award – OSCE Certificate

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