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 November 4th till 7th complex of events will be held in International Exhibition Centre

X International Congress "Institutional and technical aspects of reforming housing and public services '2014", V  International Investment Business Forum on energy efficiency and alternative energy, International Water ForumAQUA UKRAINE '2014, International Trade Fair COMMUNTECH '2014, VII International Trade Fair ENERGY EFFICIENCY. RENEWABLE ENERGY '2014, XI International Agroindustrial Trade Fair  AGROFORUM '2014, V International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2014, IV International Trade Fair EUROBUILDEXPO '2014, International Trade Fair INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY '2014


This year Congress is focused on integration of energy saving equipment in all economic spheres and services, popularization and using of alternative sources of energy, drawing attention of consumers and government authorities to vital question of energy saving. Taking into account situation in country with energy, power effective technology products will be presented in all exhibitions: boilers on alternative fuels for local and district heating, heat-insulated pipes for water and gas supply, pumps for heating systems, water and sewage, cooling towers and accessories for them, energy efficient lighting, solar panels, etc.    

Complex of such events has helped to extend professional and geographical participants offices such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Denmark, Iran, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Czech Republic.  

Also complex of efficient and professional events that is held at the end of the year helps to summarize and identify areas for development and needs for housing, industry and construction sector in the renewal of the fleet of machinery and equipment, the introduction of modern science and technology and energy saving and environmental safety technologies.

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