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Restaurant, Catering

FIGARO Catering EXPO is a conference food operator.

FIGARO Catering EXPO is the part of the largest catering company in Ukraine FIGARO-Catering holding.

Photos of restaurant and events


FIGARO Catering EXPO provides a full range of services at the exhibitions:

  • Cocktail reception or banquet at the opening of the exhibition;
  • Coffee breaks during a press conference or a presentation at the exhibition;
  • VIP-area service for guests and partners;
  • Integrated power supply;
  • Catering for employees;
  • Delivery.


Locations for events in the ICC:

  • Cafe with 200 seats; 
  • VIP-apartments for 15-20 seats;
  • Banquet hall for 60-80 seats;
  • Six separate stationary halls at the exhibition center with a capacity between 150 to 600 people.


International Exhibition Centre has unique experience in organizing both VIP events for 10-15 participants and mass ones up to 15 000 visitors in specifically equipped areas.

Our advantages are skills of the chefs, waiters and bartenders as well as music events, services for the building of exclusive branded decorations, scenes, podiums, cocktail party decorations, phytodesign and all other necessary services.



Conference food operator
International Exhibition Centre

15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02660 Kyiv, Ukraine

+38 067 473 67 31
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