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With the aim to meet rules on labor protection, industrial sanitary, preservation of IEC property, legal norms and to provide for the appropriate level of safety for participants and visitors of exhibitions and other events as well as for personnel at the territory of the International Exhibition Center, obligatory ACCREDITATION of enterprises and companies should be introduced for them to carry out works on technical services during mounting and dismantling of exhibition stands (expositions) and other works during exhibitions and other events at the IEC territory. ACCREDITATION procedure should verify the ability of company/firm to carry out such works.

Accreditation is carried out twice a year (December, June) and verifies the right of the company to perform works at the IEC territory for up to 6 months (January -June, July-December).

Accreditation is provided after full volume of appropriate documents and certificates had been submitted. All documents and certificates should meet accreditation requirements.

Accreditation is the obligatory condition for any company top carry out works at the IEC territory irrespective of type of works and character of services.


Accreditation terms:

  • July-December - till 1st of July current year;
  • Jan-June - till 31st of Dec current year.



List of companies that have accreditation
The accreditation list of
Enterprises on the first half of 2024 year




1. “StandPoint” PC
15, Brovarsky ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002
Tel: +38 (095) 201-1149;
E-mail: Web:

2. Sphera Expo Plus LLC

3. Expo Design LLC







(List of necessary documents)


  1. Reference on working experience in the exhibition branch, including working experience at the IEC areas (please, mention, how many years the company is at the market and the quantity of events held).
  2. Copes of registration documents of the company authenticated by the stamp of the company (Registration Certificate, legal and actual address of the company, phones, fax, e-mail, etc.) with the stamp of the company.
  3. Extract from the Statute of the company allows carry out exhibition activity.
  4. Names of officials authenticated by the stamp.
  5. Reference on the total area constructed during the last year (official letter with the CEO signature).
  6. Letters of references from exhibitions’ organizers.
  7. Reference on skilled personnel with the working experience: constructors, electricians, technical managers (architects and designers)
  8. Reference on personnel certification:
    • electricians should be allowed for electric mounting works and they need certificate on safety measures;
    • constructors should be allowed working as a steeplejack and need certificate on safety measures.

  9. Reference on necessary exhibition, tool and mechanical equipment:
    • exhibition equipment, including furniture and electric appliances and necessary package for it;
    • loading equipment;
    • other tools.
  10. Reference on certificates for:
    • certificate of producers for all parts of equipment;
    • fire certificates (inflammability level of some materials);
    • hygienic certificate for plastics, processed wood, etc.


If you want to have more information, please, call +38 044 201-11-35; cell:+38 050-403-66-97.

Contact person: Viktoriia Batsalai