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15/10/2024 - 17/10/2024


Specialized exposition
Organizer: International Exhibition Centre Ltd.




Geology, geodesy, surveying of private land ownership
Design and construction of country houses and household buildings:
- greenhouse
- orangery
- winter garden
- barbecue area
- poultry house
- crib
- aviary
- shed
- bathhouse
- sauna
- hammam
Restoration, reconstruction of private houses
Engineering communications in a private house (design, installation, materials and equipment)
Energy‑saving technologies in suburban construction, «Passive house»
«Smart House»
Fire safety and security system for a private housemart House
BBQ facilities:
- plumbing equipment
- kitchen equipment (cooking top, grill, barbecue, tandoor, smokehouse, home cheese factory)
- accessories
Pool, waterfall, fountain construction and equipment
Construction of vaulted decorative structures (pergolas, arbors, bersos, trellises,  pavilions, openwork facades)
Fences, gates and fencing systems
Out‑of‑town equipment
Floor finishing materials for orangery, winter gardens, greenhouses
Decorative lighting for garden and recreation areas (garden lights, lanterns, lighting posts)
Furniture for recreation areas, greenhouses, garden decorations
Interior design, landscape design
Legal and real estate services

Plant production

«Smart greenhouse»
Creating a roof garden
Profile systems (translucent facades, ventilated facades, stained‑glass windows, all‑glass partitions, sun protection systems)
Mini‑agricultural machinery, electric and gas tools, equipment, garden tools
Seedlings of exotic plants (growing tables, sliding tables)
Home‑grown mushrooms
Organic farmingmart greenhouse quipment
Home alcohol production:
- equipment and accessories
Plant protection products, fertilizers and soilroduction
Decorative pots, accessories for floristry

Livestock production

Pedigree material
Equipment for keeping, care and feeding
Automated room climate control system
Arrangement of decorative ponds for growing exotic fish, shellfish and crustaceans:
- closed water supply (CWS)
- equipment (filters, pumps, pumps, aerators, compressors, UV‑sterilizers)
- care products (skimmers, algae control devices, water level control devices, bottom fences and prefilters)
- feeding equipment
- water plants
- decorative elements
- lamps for ponds
- accessories and supplies
Snail farm equipment
Apiculture equipment and tools
Animal nutrition:
- feed, feed additives, vitamin supplements, premixes
- special additives in food for shellfish and exotic animals
Veterinary medicine, biological products, tools
Organic livestock, poultry

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