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International exhibitions "EXPERT SECURITY" and "Protection Technologies / FireTech", dedicated to the whole range of security issues, will be held on June 15-18 at the IEC

International exhibitions "EXPERT SECURITY" and "Protection Technologies / FireTech", dedicated to the whole range of security issues, will be held on June 15-18 at the IEC


Parallel events covering the entire range of security issues
will be held at the International Exhibition Centre

(Pavilion 1, Entrance 1-C, 15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv) on June 15–18, 2021

II International Specialized Exhibition EXPERT SECURITY-2021
XIX International Specialized Exhibition PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES/FIRETECH-2021


Accredited media will be registered and badges will be issued on:

15.06.2021 between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm at Entrance 2-B,

after 1:00 pm and on other days — at Entrance 1-A.

Media representatives must provide a credential ID or an official letter from the editor’s office indicating the full name and passport data of the relevant representative.


The exhibitions are organized by International Exhibition Centre  Ltd.



Advances in automation, wider application of biometrics and artificial intelligence have been transforming the face of the security sector while bringing to the fore the issues relating to the risks from drones, cybercrime, personal data fraud, etc. The growing complexity of security risks obviously requires that solutions designed to prevent and combat them be always one step ahead.

Presenting such solutions is a key task of Expert Security. These include products intended for large-scale government projects, business security, and for protection of personal property, covering such pressing topics as cybersecurity, information security, video surveillance, access control, alarm and alert, perimeter security, safe city and safe home systems.

The trend for using special systems to thermally screen the visitors — a vital and convenient solution in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic — did not escape the exhibition’s focus. Generally speaking, many security system manufacturers in the world have put effort to upgrade the relevant hardware and software functions or even to release entirely novel products. Expert Security will be the first exhibition in Ukraine where such systems will not only be showcased in the companies’ booths, but also installed at all entrance groups. This includes both Chinese and European brands.

Headliners of EXPERT SECURITY 2021:

The National Cybersecurity Coordinating Center at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine — the first state platform that pools efforts from the State and the private sector to combat threats to national cybersecurity.

Hikvision (PRC), a global security industry leader, will present innovations in the field of biometric access, intercom, and security systems both for households and industrial facilities.

Dahua Technology (PRC) — security solutions for transport, housing sector, businesses, retail, gambling operators.

Elcore UA is a member of the ELCOREGROUP international holding company that offers protection against cyberthreats for factories, health care institutions, housing and communal companies, etc.

Infocom — a palm vessel pattern-based biometric identification system, a mobile and secure mini-office for remote operation.

Dataway Security is an international distributor in the field of information security, promoting encryption, authentication and shielding products.



The world is being rapidly changed by continuous digitization of all aspects of our lives. This megatrend introduces major changes to managing the firefighting, rescue, disaster relief, and civil defense efforts. The arrival of new technologies opens up numerous new options and ways to prevent and overcome crises and dangers.

Current challenges faced by rescue services are significant and include major man-made and natural disasters, unplanned disruptions to vital infrastructure, and terrorist acts.

All this requires both improvements to management systems and the introduction of new technologies and equipment, along with raising public awareness of potential threats and response measures.

Whether you work for a fire and rescue service, civil defense, security, or just responsibly approach the safety of your life and property, PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES/FIRETECH-2021 will be able to satisfy anyone’s information needs by covering the entire range of goods and services intended for fire and rescue services, civil defense, and industrial safety.

This is why SES procurement experts from all regions of the country will be present at the exhibition. Visitors will also be offered master classes on premedical care.

No other exhibition has such a unique aura by being a gathering place for people who regularly save lives, prevent disasters and help others, if necessary.


Pozhmashyna Industrial Company LLC is one of the few Ukrainian manufacturers of fire, rescue and special equipment

FIREPORT (Czech Republic) develops affordable and effective warning systems for volunteer fire brigades

OZON S Research and Production Enterprise offers multipurpose automated systems for man-made safety management at hydropower facilities, bridges, overpasses and product pipelines of hazardous substances, as well as in the zones facing risks and occurrences of hazardous geological processes.

Tethys Respiratory Systems LLC offers emergency rescue and professional diving equipment for complex underwater technical, rescue, and search-and-rescue operations.

Kyiv Lifeguard Service from Pleso Communal Enterprise is a municipal service focused on prevention accidents on Kyiv’s authorized beaches.

Pozhsoiuz Trading Company offers more than 5,000 items of fire-fighting goods, including fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire hoses, fire hose cabinets, fire points, miscellaneous fire equipment.

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