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The TECHNICAL SPRING program opens the season of its own industrial exhibitions at the International Exhibition Center

The TECHNICAL SPRING program opens the season of its own industrial exhibitions at the International Exhibition Center



On 2 - 5 April 2019 at the International Exhibition Centre

(15 Brovarskyi Ave., hall No.13 entrance 3-A, Kyiv)

within the framework of the TECHNICAL SPRING program will be held

integrated exhibition event in the composition

XI International Trade Fair PLAST EXPO UA - 2019,

XІ International Specialized Exhibition  "KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR – 2019",

III International Trade Fair ADDIT EXPO 3D – 2019 and

the only one in Ukraine

International Trade Fair COATING EXPO UA – 2019

The TECHNICAL SPRING project is a landmark event, from which the International Exhibition Center begins the season of its own industrial exhibitions.


The purpose and objectives of the event are demonstration of the best world achievements of science, technology and technologies necessary for the innovative development of the Ukrainian economy, as well as assistance in establishing business, economic and trade relations between domestic enterprises and countries of the near and far abroad.


At exhibitions more than 30%, in comparison with last season, the number of exhibitors has increased. On an area of about 7000 sq.m. More than 140 companies and companies will present technology and equipment, raw materials, services and innovative developments from Austria, Belarus, Iran, Italy, China, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Exhibitions have opened national exhibitions of Chinese and Turkish manufacturers this year. The total representation of foreign participants, as compared to last year's events, has more than tripled.


Coating Expo UA - this is the only specialized exhibition in Ukraine where you can get acquainted with the latest paint and varnish products, raw materials and equipment for the manufacture of coatings, as well as technologies for surface treatment. The product range, in recent years, is actively expanding, new samples are being released, and their quality is also being improved, adapting to European standards. Coatings are used in almost all industries and in everyday life, so there is a high interest in this event, both among consumers and among manufacturers of the industry.

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Plast Expo UA is the only exhibition in Ukraine which unites professionals in the field of plastics and rubber processing, from raw material production and creation of new domestic equipment models to automation of technological processes. In the period of the Ukrainian market adjustment to EU requirements, Plast Expo Ua allows everyone, who stand at the origins of brand‑new manufacture, partial modernization or entire upgrade of working factories and enterprises, find their right way in the variety of products, trademarks and technologies offered at the market: everything worthy of attention will be presented in real‑time work at the exposition of Plast Expo UA.


Special exposition "POLYURETHANES":

- equipment for production and processing of polyurethanes

- raw materials: polyurethanes, silicones, epoxide resins, acrylic resins, industrial plastics

- ready-made polyurethanes items

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Addit EXPO 3D is the exhibition for those who is in step with the times and has discovered the world of the most advanced technologies of 21st century, realizing that the third industrial revolution begins right before our eyes.


The main task of the organizers of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for every exhibitor to reach their potential, to express their achievements all over Ukraine, check their apprehensions about the prospects of industry development with the best international brands, which are adapted, however, to the needs and opportunities of domestic market.

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KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR. This is a demonstration of achievements in the field of mechanical engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics, metallurgy, metalworking, diagnostics and automation of control, surface treatment, tools, engines, foundry equipment, pumping equipment, nonmetallic materials in industry. This year, in view of the expressed interest of the participants and visitors, the exhibition was replenished with samples of the existing equipment.

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A comprehensive study of technological and innovative development issues in the leading spheres of the economy is provided by a rich program of scientific, practical and pre-occupational activities.


The organizer of the events is International Exhibition Center Ltd.


International Exhibition Center is the owner of the best exhibition infrastructure in Ukraine, which allows to fulfill any exhibitors’ and visitors’ demands.


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